One of the great things that make us stand out from other providers of storage services is the fact that we bring the container to our clients. A lot of other companies require will ferry items to their facility, creating a much bigger workload. Our premium service is more flexible, reliable, and convenient than that. This is one of the reasons we are the very best company for storage Chelmsford residents can call on.

The fact that we are involved in the movement and placement of containers on a daily basis means we are well placed to provide the very best level of service. By being hands on we can ensure that the modules and their contents are kept in the perfect condition.

The quality of a storage service is most typically measured by the condition of items when they are retrieved. Containers in a poor state with damage such as dents, holes and rust are unlikely to meet the requirements of clients as they leave items at risk of deterioration. Additionally if the interiors are not clean the items stored in them can be damaged.

As part of our commitment to delivering the very best services we inspect our containers with care and make sure there are no issues. We do this when they originally arrive on site and before they are loaded onto a vehicle to be dispatched to a client’s property. When the container arrives it will be ready to be filled by our team right away.

Once the container has been filled, sealed and driven back to our site it is unloaded from the vehicle with the utmost care. We have the equipment and training to remove and place containers with great precision on our site. Each time a container is moved it is guided with assistance from our team to keep the risk of problems to a minimal.

If you want a storage service like no other with assurances your items will be protected please contact us. We will be more than happy to visit you to offer a clear quote and go over the ins and outs of our services.