The main reason we have become the leading name for storage Chelmsford has is we understand the importance of handling items carefully at all times. Doing this helps to keep them safe and reduces the risk of damages. There are several things we do to make sure that items stand the very best chance of arriving at your address following storage in the same condition they were in at the outset.

Firstly we use the highest quality packing materials, sourcing them ourselves to ensure they are also available for fantastic prices. There are no compromises with any of them; we only use durable cartons, wrapping paper, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, void filler, specialist bags, and blankets.

Once everything is properly packed by our experienced team we load it carefully into a clean, secure, watertight container. The items are stacked with care, ensuring they won’t get jostled when the container is driven away, transported to our site, unloaded, or placed in the yard. They will also remain in place when we arrange delivery.

When a container arrives on delivery day everything will be unloaded with the same care. We will place the items in your new property for you, placing them exactly where you want them for easy positioning. That way we further minimise how much everything needs to be handled.

With proper packing and minimal handling items stand the best chance of avoiding damage. We provide both of those things at TFM and work hard to deliver the very highest standards we can on every single service.

If you have very specific storage requirements, whether it is a specialist item, a large volume of them, or things that need to be stored under careful conditions, please contact us. We will make arrangements based specifically on your needs. That way we can ensure the service you receive is perfect.