When looking for storage facilities, one of the most important factors people consider is the cost. With this in mind, we are dedicated to giving our customers excellent value for their investment when it comes to storage.

Our premium storage service may have a name which suggests it comes with a higher price, we’re committed to ensuring we always offer maximum value for money. While premium storage does cost more than our standard self-storage option, it still offers the most affordable prices you’ll find from a storage service in our area. We simply call it premium storage because it offers a complete, comprehensive solution that makes your life as simple as possible when you need to store your items for any length of time.

Making use of our premium storage service is to effectively let us handle all aspects of it for you. Our team of professionals will bring the storage container to you and load it directly, sealing it in your presence. Before that, our team will also safely and securely package all that you wish to be placed in storage. This includes individually wrapping all furniture and making sure that mattresses are placed in protective bagging. In terms of the costs involved, more often than not, having us do this works out at a lower cost than moving everything to storage yourself – it certainly saves you time and stress, too.

The cheapest storage service does not necessarily offer the most value. When selecting a storage service you need to consider which one will provide you the best value overall. This must be measured in terms of getting your belongings to storage, and knowing that they are going to be safe and preserved. There would be little point, after all, in placing something in storage only for it to get damaged. The purpose of our premium storage service is to give you the very best experience possible in storage rather than to charge the highest price possible for it.

Time and again our services have proved to deliver the best value for money to be found in terms of storage in Maldon and throughout Essex and the surrounding areas, so if you want the confidence of knowing your items are secure and safe, get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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