One thing that has helped us to become the leading provider of premium storage Essex households can call on is there is no minimum or maximum time you can use our service for. We can store your container of possessions on our site for as long as you need to and arrange delivery whenever you want them safely returned. As a result you can take your time getting settled in your new home or make suitable arrangements for what to do with the items.

Many people are concerned that the longer they need to leave items in storage the more they are at risk of being damaged. In some cases this would be the case, especially if the container is in poor condition, it has been packed incorrectly, or items are frequently disturbed. Fortunately none of those things happen when you choose our service.

At TFM we ensure all our containers are in the best possible condition, purchasing them from new to guarantee their structural integrity and having staff dedicated to regular maintenance of our containers. Our professional team will handle the packing for you, ensuring the correct materials are used to keep everything safe. Items will be loaded to the container properly by our experienced staff so the risk of damage during the storage period is virtually zero. The container is then sealed with a uniquely numbered customs seal, meaning you know, at all time, it will only ever be your goods in the container.

Once the container arrives on our site it is unloaded from the transport with care using the correct equipment. It is placed safely in one of our secure yards, in the stack of containers, then left alone until you need it delivered, at which time the process will be reversed.

We are proud to provide services for people moving within Essex and those relocating to new homes further afield. Our team are able to deliver containers to addresses throughout the county and will safely return them to our site in Burnham on Crouch when they are filled. They can stay with us for days, weeks, months, or years if necessary with clear, honest prices.

When you contact us to arrange delivery to your new address we will plan the perfect route to get your items to you. We regularly transport items to various European countries over the years as well as across the whole of the UK. If you have any questions about our services please get in touch. We are confident after talking to us you’ll understand why we are number one for storage Essex, particularly amongst households.