Something you learn very quickly in the removals industry is that every household is unique. There are so many differences you can encounter, from the number of inhabitants and their ages to the size of the property and the layout. As a result it is vital that the removal service is bespoke. If it isn’t, it will fail to provide the right level of value.

The key to providing the very best level of service when it comes to household removals is to have a look at the property in advance. That way it is possible to inspect the routes in and out of the property and plan how to remove all of the items in the safest manner.

Regularly the most challenging part of a removal is carrying furnishings such as wardrobes, dressers, and desks down the stairs. These items tend to be both heavy and bulky, making it tricky to move them. As safety is so important and care needs to be taken to prevent damage to the fabric of the property, it is wise to get familiar with these items as early as possible. That way it can be determined which items can be dismantled, which will need additional packing and wrapping to protect them, and which will require several people and professional equipment to move.

At TFM we visit clients in advance to determine their requirements and get an idea of any obstacles we will have to overcome. We do this before even giving a quote to ensure that when we do offer a price it is as accurate as possible. This approach has helped to establish us as the number one for removals Chelmsford, particularly in terms of households.

We are happy to take on all manner of household removals, possessing experience of packing and relocating entire family homes as well as smaller residences such as maisonettes and flats. On each job we plan everything with great care, ensuring we can carry out the move as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are moving to a new home, whether in Chelmsford, further afield in the UK, or even overseas in Europe, we can provide the household removals services you need. Simply get in touch to talk about your move and arrange for us to visit you.