Planning removals – The importance of locations, access, and contents

At TFM we have the experience to plan every aspect of removals to Ireland from Essex. We can help clients from the first steps such as considering which packing materials they will need, all the way to repositioning the final item in their new home. The quality will remain high throughout and we will adjust to any special requirements. That way we can ease any concerns about the move.

With any move there are three very important things to consider; locations, access, and contents. All three will have an impact on the service that is required and the cost.

It is vital to know the location of your current home and that of the property you are moving to. This helps to plan the most suitable route from each destination. When we get to this part of the move we do our best to ensure contents are safe at all times. As a result we plan a route that is suitable for the removal vehicle.

At both destinations the access needs to be considered. If there are any problems getting to the properties, including narrow roads or gates, we need to know in advance to plan a solution. On top of this it is best to advise us about any steps leading to the property and concerns such as narrow doorways, hallways, and stairwells.

Having a full idea of the contents in advance is absolutely crucial. If removal day arrives only to reveal more boxes than intended it can cause spatial issues in the removal vehicle. In addition any unexpected items that need specialist equipment to move or load will be a big problem. As a result it is better for us to see the contents as early as possible so we can make an appropriate plan. This also allows us to supply all of the packing materials that are needed and deliver an accurate quote.

TFM Removals has proudly helped several clients to make the move to Ireland from Essex. We plan efficient moves that suit your timescale whilst keeping items safe. If you have any questions please contact us.