Planning advice for your move

Preparing for a big move can be stressful, whether you are moving a significant distance away or are staying in the local area. In both cases you need to consider how you will get all of your possessions safely and efficiently from one point to the other. This takes planning and consideration of factors such as the volume of goods you have, how many packing materials you will need and which items need special handling. If you want to make the workload easier, you can always consult our skilled team at TFM Removals.

We have a great deal of experience in the removals sector, having carried out jobs across our local area and further afield, including Europe and Ireland. We have the skills to satisfy all kinds of requests. Whether you have a large amount of possessions or a smaller number, we can pack, ship and unload them for you and make sure they reach your new home safe and sound.

When you’re handling a move by yourself, it is all too easy to misjudge the amount of packing materials you will need and find yourself short when moving day arrives. Our estimators are highly trained and have the experience to accurately predict what you will need. They do this when estimating how much the service will cost and will arrange for all of the necessary materials to be delivered when we arrive to pack.

As well as providing packing materials, we know how to load items to ensure they are protected and are not going to move around or damage each other during the journey. We have all of the necessary materials to secure everything in place such as ties, and will also use plastic wrap and additional padding to protect items when necessary. To arrange an appointment from an experienced estimator to help you plan removals to Ireland or any UK location, please give us a call. There is no obligation and we will offer advice and support throughout the whole moving process.