Planning a safe disposal when we don’t have all of the information

Disposing of safes is naturally very tricky because they are designed to last and keep the contents safe. As a result, they are generally manufactured from very tough, hardwearing materials that won’t break down on their own. With this in mind, you need to arrange a professional service to accomplish the task. Our team at TFM are highly experienced and we have become a leading provider of safe disposal in Essex because we always find a solution.

The trickiest safe removal and disposal projects are those that involve large, heavy models that cannot be opened. In these cases, there is a great deal we don’t know such as how the contents will shift and exactly what materials have been used to line the safe. Some feature concrete, dramatically increasing the weight. Others are lined with asbestos for fireproofing. Both present their own unique challenges when it comes to moving the safe and disposing of it.

When we deal with a safe where we can’t look inside and don’t know exactly what we are dealing with, we err on the side of caution. During the removal, we will use lifting equipment designed for very large weights to ensure our team and everybody else on and around the site is safe. We will also ensure the removal vehicle is able to bear the weight.

Once safes are away from the site we can take steps to dispose of them. Care is needed when we don’t know about the inside of the safe. Again we take caution and work to maximise safety. We have a lot of contacts and can find the perfect solution for every requirement.

With many models of safe lots of the materials can be recycled rather than sent to landfill. All kinds of metals and even concrete fall into this category. Those materials that aren’t recyclable or hazardous are disposed of in the most effective manner, maximising safety and protecting the environment.

If you are looking for safe disposal in Essex we are confident we can provide the right service, planning each stage and taking all of the stress away from you. Please get in touch to find out more and arrange a meeting with a member of our team, who will take the first steps in planning and deliver an accurate quote for the job.