There’s a big difference between storage and hiding. We know that this is something you will already be aware of, but we’d like to discuss it in terms of what our services give to you. In short, the service we provide offers you everything you want and need in terms of storage whilst ensuring that absolutely nothing is hidden away from you.

By keeping nothing hidden we don’t mean that your possessions are kept out on display. The premium storage services we offer Essex see all of your belongings very safely and securely locked away, with the assurance that no damage or harm shall come to them. What we’re talking about is the fact that we do not do hidden costs.

We have no doubt that you have at some point in the past been caught out with someone offering a fantastic service at an amazing price. You know the kind of offers we are talking about – the ones that have the word “from” right in front of an incredibly low cost. It never once seems to be the case that you pay that starting off price does it? We’re happy to say that you do with us.

Our team are so good at assessing and understanding what your exact requirements are in terms of storage that we provide you with a fixed quote. You pay exactly what we quoted you for our storage services and not a penny more. This fee includes everything from the rental of the container to delivering it to your address, filling it, holding it on our site, and delivery when you need the contents.

In all our years of expert service we’ve provided countless service and delivered an accurate quote every single time. That’s one of the reasons why we have become so trusted for the premium storage services we offer to the Essex region. We provide perfect, safe and secure solutions for you without keeping any costs hidden.

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