How to Pack Christmas Decorations When Moving

Moving home can be hard work, but there are things we often don’t think about when packing away our belongings, like all the stuff usually in an attic or basement! You might be thinking that everything you have stored in the house is already in boxes and ready for the move, but it’s worth checking because those old cardboard boxes have probably seen better days.

Now’s the time to make sure that your most precious and fragile items are packed properly. Christmas decorations, in particular, are often delicate and intricate, and those long, tangled strings of light bulbs can easily break. Here’s our guide to packing your Christmas decorations properly for moving home.

6 Tips on Packing Christmas Decorations

Keep your Christmas lights tangle-free

There are not many things that can dampen our Christmas spirit, but spending hours untangling a string of lights is one. Even worse when you discover a broken bulb when you finally have the lights strung up. Avoid this Christmas stress next year by packing your fairy lights properly. Try wrapping your lights around a cardboard tube and use cable ties to secure the ends. Protect the bulbs by popping your wrapped lights in a resealable plastic bag with some extra padding.

Use specialist boxes and storage containers

The original packaging for your Christmas decorations is usually the best for storage. Boxes will have dividers that are the exact size of your baubles and decorations. Precious ornaments might come with polystyrene packaging that fits exactly and keeps everything secure inside the box. For your Christmas decorations that don’t have the original packaging, you can buy specialist boxes, like a wreath storage container.

Plastic boxes and hard-wearing bags are best

While your eclectic assortment of bags and cardboard boxes may have served you well, when it comes to thinking about how to store Christmas decorations ready for your move, you should consider more reliable storage options. Sturdy plastic boxes are your best choice for storing Christmas decorations. You can buy boxes with dividers to keep you most fragile ornaments separate and secure when you move.

Protect your most fragile ornaments and decorations

Christmas decorations can hold a lot of sentimental value. Precious glass baubles and other fragile decorations can break easily if they are not packaged and stored properly. Our top tip is to use egg boxes to store small decorations.

Pack boxes well for less risk of breakages

Moving can be a frantic time, and boxes may be bumped and rattled as you make your journey to your new home. It’s important that you pack your items securely to make sure nothing can move around. To avoid the risk of breaking Christmas decorations, use bubble wrap and shredded paper to fill your boxes, and make sure that you wrap fragile ornaments with soft packing paper that won’t damage surfaces. Don’t be tempted to reach for an old newspaper as the ink can transfer on to your precious decorations!

Label everything

Take the opportunity of moving early in the year to make a fresh start and organise your Christmas decorations. Label every individual bag or box of decorations and lights, then pack securely in larger sturdy plastic boxes. Make a list of everything you pack and label the top of every box accordingly.

The key to packing your Christmas decorations is to be organised and take your time with packing, using the correct materials. If you’re moving early in the year, you can pack your decorations right away without having to put them back in the attic or garage, hopefully avoiding any breakages in the process.