Since beginning business in 1992, our removal service has always gone above and beyond to make sure that our client’s most prized possessions are kept in pristine condition. Since we are members of the British Association of Removers, you can be assured that every service we provide will be the highest quality. We’re not limited to helping clients in Chelmsford make country-wide moves; we also work in overseas removals as well.

The sooner that you decide to get us involved in your overseas move, the more beneficial it shall be. Moving abroad can present problems that can come as a surprise, but by talking to us early on, you reduce the risk of running into trouble later. One example is that you could be unaware that certain items in your possession aren’t permitted in your new country of residence; we however are very knowledgeable on the rules and will direct you towards the best possible course of action.

Since you’re moving to another country, a shipping container is typically where we will store your possessions. Making the most of the space available in containers is imperative to ensuring you get the best value for money. This is why our specialist packing team are the best ones for the job. Not only do they have extensive experience in effectively storing belongings, but when dealing with fragile items, they make use of special protective materials in order to prevent damage.

Working in the industry for as long as we have has taught us one very important thing; timing is crucial with every removal. Each client has a deadline which they have to meet and for us, this means that everything has to arrive at the new location in a timely fashion. Delays will always be a possibility but don’t worry, as we shall inform you of any changes that occur and do our best to keep them at a minimum.

With TFM Removals there’s no need to get distressed about any hidden costs. Our estimators work hard to include everything in their estimates, presenting you with an honest, itemised bill. Additionally, the paperwork for the shipping will be managed by one of our employees with expertise in overseas moving jobs.

If you are planning a big move from Chelmsford and want to work with a removals specialist like no other please contact us.