Our Top Bedroom Storage Tips

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, there’s nothing better than a clean and tidy bedroom. In fact, studies have shown that a messy bedroom can have a very real effect on our mental health, with clutter giving our brains too much information to process in one go and leading to increased stress and anxiety. The higher your stress levels, the poorer your sleep quality is likely to be, which in itself can cause sleep deprivation, restricted brain function, exhaustion, and – you guessed it – even more stress.

Even if a busy room doesn’t bother you, it’s hard to deny that organisation can save you time and money. Knowing where everything is will prevent you from losing things and replacing them unnecessarily, as well as making your morning routine a lot quicker and easier.

Luckily, sorting out a messy bedroom doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Just check out these quick, easy, and affordable bedroom storage ideas.

Hang everything

Make the most of space that doesn’t usually get used by hanging shelves or stylish tabletops on cords attached to the ceiling; it can work well as an eye-catching bedside table when you don’t have space for a unit.

Use the tops of your walls

Talking of using unusual spaces, if you don’t have room for bookshelves, try installing long shelves that run around your room just below the ceiling. It looks great and keeps your books out of the way.

Make the most of corners

Corner units, corner shelves or even curved rails will look unusual and attractive while also making use of difficult nooks, freeing up space in the rest of your room.

Clever beds

Beds take up a huge portion of our room, so it’s important to use them wisely. Choose frames with built-in storage, invest in under-bed drawers, or go for a quirky headboard made of storage space or bookshelves.


When you have limited space, it’s important to choose furniture that can multitask. Bedside tables with built-in drawers, or that can double as a small desk, can save you loads of space.

Use door space

The backs of wardrobe doors are a great unused space when it comes to hanging things out of sight. Use hooks and hang organisers to keep everything tidy, from jewellery to shoes.

Organise everything

Even if they keep everything hidden, disorganised drawers can still be stressful. Make life easier for yourself with drawer dividers, trays, ziplock bags or anything that will make your belongings easier to sort and find.

Think seasonal

If you’re struggling to store all your clothes, splitting your wardrobe into seasons can help. Vacuum pack anything that you won’t be using this season and store it out of the way to free up wardrobe space.

Bits and bobs

Nothing makes a room look cluttered like random bits and bobs everywhere. Inexpensive baskets or hanging organisers will give you neat place to store all those things that never seem to have a home.

Split your wardrobe

A double wardrobe can dwarf a small bedroom as well as making the decor look lopsided. Instead, buy two single wardrobes and use them to frame the bed – it’ll put a stop to any arguing over shared wardrobe space too!

Foldaway desks

A fold-down bed might be a bit extreme unless you’re really short on space, but a fold-down desk can be a great addition to a bedroom that needs more storage and room.

Hide your bedsheets

If you struggle to find somewhere to store bulky bedsheets, fold them flat and store them under your mattress. If you spread them out properly, you won’t feel a thing and it’ll keep your sheets nice and pressed for when you need them.

Still, no amount of nifty bedroom storage ideas can help if you simply have too much stuff. If that’s the case for you, we’d be more than happy to help with any storage solutions you need – just give us a call today.