We stand out from other removal companies thanks to the fact that we always carry out an estimate. This process enables us to provide the right number of staff, the right vehicles and the right packing materials, ensuring there are no delays when moving day arrives. We are also able to inform the customer exactly how much the move will cost. The value of the estimate was demonstrated in a removal we carried out last month for a customer who was moving from Chelmsford, Essex, to Tillingham, Essex.

As with all our house removals, we prepared for the move well in advance so we were able to work out exactly what needed to be done. The process started in June with an estimate carried out by Harry, a member of our team who completed his estimating course last year. We looked at the items which needed to be moved and found that more than one lorry would be required to transport everything. The customer preferred to limit the volume to one lorry, so they spent the two months between the estimate and moving day getting rid of excess items. Eventually, Adam, Jamie and Harry were able to complete the move using only one lorry.

We are always happy to have as much or as little involvement in the move as the client wishes; in this case, the customer preferred to do all the packing and dismantling themselves, using packing materials, bags, cartons, tape and garment rails provided by us.

This is just one of the many moving tasks we have successfully completed in recent months, and now we’re ready to do the same for you. When you’re preparing for moving house in Chelmsford or any other UK location, we are the team of skilled and conscientious movers who can ensure the whole process goes smoothly. Get in touch and we’ll arrange for an estimator to come to your home and work out a price plan for your move.