When a business relocates to new premises, the move can present many challenges. Each business is unique, which makes every move different. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional service and we can meet the challenges of every business removal, no matter how complex. We have successfully completed many diverse business relocations, and we are recognised for our high quality services. Every business customer has the same objective when they move; they need the job completing swiftly, efficiently and affordably and we are the one stop solution for safe and secure office removals in Chelmsford and beyond.

If you plan to move offices, we will send an estimator to get a clear idea of the furniture and equipment to be moved. You will receive a full estimate that includes the removal crates that will hold your computers, phones and the contents of your desks and filing cabinets. Your crates and furniture will be clearly labelled prior to the move and your labels will also be included in the cost.

As part of our comprehensive service, we ensure your move is well planned. We will assess the floor plan of your new premises and make sure that everything is stacked onto the removal vehicle for optimal unloading and placement. We will find out exactly where you want your furniture and ensure your instructions are followed.

Whether you are going to entirely new premises or you are moving elsewhere within your existing building, we can assure a hassle free move. We strive to keep downtime to a minimum and facilitate a fast move so that you can get back up and running as soon as possible. You will have a friendly and dedicated on site foreman that will ensure everything being moved is clearly colour coded with labels as part of a simple and efficient system which will be explained in full to you and your staff. As members of The British Association of Removers, we can offer a safe, reliable service that is fully insured and carried out by reputable professionals.