Moving Horror Stories

The spookiest time of the year might be upon us, but when it comes to moving house, there are plenty of horror stories still lurking in the shadows.

As it’s Halloween, what better time to explore the deepest, darkest archives of the internet to unearth the funniest, most shocking and most terrifying moving horror stories? Read on for some moving house tales that are bound to keep you up at night…

Hoarder Horrors

When you picture moving into your new home, you probably imagine fresh, clean rooms awaiting your furniture. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many movers.

We came across hundreds of hoarding horror stories in our search. One couple tells the tale of arriving at their new house with a five-month old baby, only to find that the previous owners had vacated the property and left all of their belongings behind.

Another couple had to spend nine months with a hoarder, emptying out his belongings one-by-one, until they could buy his house.

Cargo Van Cowboys

Spending less is always best, right? Not for one unfortunate student.

On a budget and trying to save money, this young woman hired a cheap removals team only for a man to turn up with his friend and a cargo van. Safe to say she had some regrets as she watched her belongings get thrown into the back of the vehicle…

And that’s not even the worst removals company story. Another lady was settling in for her first night in her new home when she received a text asking her out on a date. Turns out, one of her removals team had stolen her number from her invoice – shocking!

Buyers From Hell

Moving house is stressful enough without another family trying to move into your old home as you’re leaving! That’s what happened to one unlucky family who happened to sell their home to the buyers from hell.

Not only did the buyers turn up and demand to move in early, they did so before their payment for the house had even cleared.

The buyers then proceeded to ask the family to help them move boxes, requested furniture items they wanted to stay in the house, and asked if they could keep the curtains.

Cheeky doesn’t quite cover it!

Uber Bad Idea

If you don’t need to shift a lot of possessions it can be tempting to make a move using your own muscles and a cab service.

Once young couple hired an Uber to move out of their small rental flat only to find out that they couldn’t fit all of their things into the taxi. They ended up having to pay for several trips to and from their new flat and even had to ask the Uber driver to help them carry furniture up the stairs.

If you value your five-star rating, don’t do it!

In-Tents Tales

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare so we weren’t surprised to find plenty of horror stories about arriving at your new house only to find you can’t get in.

From families moving across the country to couples moving abroad, we read several terrible tales of forgotten keys and stranded movers.

Perhaps the worst story we found though, was the family of five who arrived at their new home only to find the previous family still living there. Unable to go back to their old home, the family was forced to pitch a tent in their new front garden. Thank goodness they packed their camping equipment!


Think you’ve ever made a bad first impression? Whatever happened, it can’t be as bad as the man who decided to rent his own removals van despite having no experience driving an HGV.

Not only did the hapless mover end up crashing the van, he did so into an electricity pole – leaving his new neighbours in the dark for hours!

We can only imagine that no one was very keen to help him move in after that…

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*Please note that these are not personal experiences, but stories found on the internet.