Moving a valuable piano

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in all kinds of house and office removals across the country. This is because we are always ready to take on a new challenge for our clients, and we don’t let adverse weather conditions or tricky items put us off from our mission of ensuring safe and successful moves.

These qualities were demonstrated in a recent task we undertook, which involved moving a valuable and delicate Steinway piano over 160 miles from Chelmsford, Essex to Poole, Dorset. This task demanded great skill and care, which were provided by our conscientious and experienced team. We packed the piano using suitable protective materials, ensuring it stayed completely safe during the journey.

The piano needed to be placed in an upstairs room when it reached the new location. This posed a big enough challenge, but we also had to contend with adverse weather conditions on the day of the move. With force 9 gales and torrential rainfall, we knew we had to be extra careful when transporting this treasured musical instrument. We determined that the best course of action would be to remove a window from the building and use a crane to lift the piano into place. With careful planning and preparation, this process proved to be the right one, and the piano was placed in its new home with no complications.

Besides the piano, we also moved a large volume of other possessions belonging to the client, including such challenging items as a large dolls’ house, train set, valuable antique furniture and fragile glass and china objects. With our experience and expertise at careful packing and loading, we successfully moved everything to Poole safe and sound, ready for the clients to start enjoying their new home.

This is just one of the many removal tasks we have undertaken lately, and we believe it demonstrates our versatility, skill and dedication to taking excellent care of all our clients’ possessions. If you are planning on moving house in Chelmsford or any other location, you can always feel confident of a first class service from us.