Whether items are stored for the long or short term they need to be properly protected. This is true if you leave them in your own home, put them in an outbuilding, or call on the services of an external storage provider. Incorrect packing and insufficient protection can leave all kinds of items at risk of damage. This is something you certainly don’t want with possessions that are valuable for monetary or sentimental reasons.

At TFM Removals we take every precaution with our premium storage service to ensure that the items placed in the container will be safe. We do this to ensure that our clients throughout Essex receive the very best service each time.

To start we have owned all of our containers from new and make sure they are properly managed. This includes periodic checks so the condition meets our standards and cleaning to keep them free from dirt.

As well as looking after the containers themselves we supply all manner of packing materials, from cartons to protective blankets. This means that when we pack items for our clients they can have every confidence each one is correctly protected. Additionally we can offer great value for money on all of them.

Once all items are packed we load them safely into the container, ensuring they are placed correctly to minimise the risk of damage. We also take great care with this to ensure there is no risk of fire. Items are kept properly separated when necessary to address this.

When the container is fully loaded it is sealed before being taken to our storage site in Essex. It will remain there for as long as necessary with the items undisturbed inside. It only moves when you finalise delivery details with us and items are not accessed until the container makes it to you and needs to be unloaded.

Our premium storage service offers great value for money for clients all across Essex. Whatever your needs you can utilise it and have confidence your items are safe. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.