Winter can be a challenging time of the year to move to a new home. The unpredictability of the weather can delay your plans, while rain, snow, sleet and ice can make your footing treacherous as you move items from place to place. Additionally, cold and wet conditions can cause damage to your possessions if steps aren’t taken to protect them.

One thing you can do to help your move go smoothly in winter is to ensure that access routes to your property are clear and safe to use. If the steps and paths are icy and slippery or it has snowed recently, you can use salt or sand to help clear them and improve the footing. However, if you do need to move at this time of the year, it is always a great idea to hire a professional company to help you relocate everything safely.

At TFM Removals we have extensive experience with moving house in Chelmsford and beyond, and we have successfully completed moves in all seasons. We are able to provide an effective service every time because we carefully plan ahead and make sure we are fully prepared when we arrive on the day of the move. When you get a quote from us we will accurately assess how many items you need to move so we can ensure we provide the right vehicle and enough packing materials. This means the move can be completed in the minimal number of trips. Additionally we will know exactly what will be needed to protect all of your possessions.

Our service is truly comprehensive; we can pack all of your items, dismantle furnishings, load everything, transport it, and get it positioned in your new home. All of our team are fully trained and experienced so you can expect a first rate service from us every time, in all types of weather.