If you’re currently at the planning stages of moving from or to another part of Chelmsford you’ll be weighing up your options in regards of how to move the contents of your house. When doing this there’s always a great temptation to just assume the things you can think of off the cuff are in fact all that you need to move. The reality tends to be quite different. For those thinking that they could ‘probably’ get away with arranging to pack and move their household without professional help, we would like to give some facts and figures which may well give your reason to reconsider.

You might think that you really don’t have all that much to pack up and move away. This is quite a normal line of thinking as few, if any, of us would be able to give an exact number of things we own when asked. The research into just how many items and possessions we have in our homes is quite revealing. On average a family home has some 300,000 separate items in it. That figure is just about double what it was in the 1960s.

This figure includes all the little things that we tend to forget about, whether it is exactly how many knives and forks you have in the cutlery drawer or those items you’ve put away in a cupboard or loft and forgotten about. Statistically the figure is the one mentioned or higher when it’s an owned property rather than a rented one. With some 77% of homes in Chelmsford being owner occupied, it’s interesting to think about how many people will underestimate the scale of the job.

We’re here to make sure that all of your possessions – no matter how many – move perfectly with you. Our team will be able to give you a complete and accurate estimate for what moving every last thing will take. Experience tells us that we’re very likely to bring to your attention items, objects and pieces of furniture that you might not have thought about in terms of how tricky they are to move. Fortunately we can uncover them when we give you an estimate and plan ahead so the move goes smoothly.

We’re confident that you’ll agree that our low cost, high quality services are the best way to make sure your move is as easy as possible.