Let’s start by being – as we are with every single aspect of our work for you – completely honest about it. When it comes to providing storage Essex is home to a number of different companies.

We don’t mind a bit of healthy competition, in fact we can’t remember a time when this hasn’t just ended in highlighting us as the best provider. What we do worry about is the people we have the highest respect for – the residents of the county – being misled into services that don’t deliver on what they need.

One question we would ask of you is how much of a gamble are you prepared to take with your belongings when it comes to arranging storage for them? If your answer to that is none at all, that’s exactly what we would expect to hear.

A fair question to ask us in return is why you should trust TFM to handle your storage requirements. That’s a question we are always happy to answer. As one of the first businesses to correctly anticipate the growing need for storage services it would be fair to say that we’ve grown and developed with the needs of our clients. We have never lost focus on our aim to satisfy all of their needs.

With our Premium service you get –

* A quote that is the actual cost – no hidden or after the fact charges

* Brand new, clean and secure containers for storage

* The most trusted removals team in Essex packing and loading for you

* Flexible contracts arranged around the amount of time you need to use our storage

* Comfort in knowing your storage container will never be opened while it is with us

We are committed to carrying on providing the superb level of service wanted and expected by clients in need of storage in Essex. If you would like to learn more about what makes us the best choice please get in touch. You’ll see right away how much value we place in offering friendly, personal services.