There are several tasks we all do on a regular basis that would, if we stopped and thought about it, seem like quite a waste of time and energy. One such thing that came to mind recently was the process you go through when doing a weekly shop at the supermarket.

When you think about it, what really happens when you do this is that you carefully pack groceries into a trolley trying to make sure everything fits, unpack it onto a conveyor, pay and then just put it all back into the trolley, albeit in a slightly different way. Wouldn’t it be better if everything was just packed in once, and then unpacked only as and when you wanted it to be?

We’ve implemented the above solution for our premium storage services. In our view, it makes little sense to pack the items you want storing into a vehicle, bring them to the storage facility, unpack it all and then repack it. To us, and we trust to you, it just makes sense to arrange for it to be packed into the container once and safely left there until the time comes to unpack it for the final time.

Our approach to storage services has been designed to give that extra level of protection to your possessions as much as it has been to save on time and energy. In terms of packing, removals and storage, it is always going to be far better for you to limit the number of times everything needs to be handled or moved. This is true even with us – our reputation for delivering the maximum level of care and safety when engaged in removals is founded on minimising the amount of handling to protect items.

Everything about our premium storage service is set up to give you the best, most professional experience possible. The way we work sees the risk of damage reduced by limiting the number of times your possessions are moved, and frees up your time with our expert team handling all the tasks for you. We are proud to offer this service all across Maldon, catering for both long and short term storage needs.

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