Most people would usually associate professional storage services with businesses and other forms of commercial ventures. In the minds of many, making use of a dedicated facility is something that you would use for keeping goods and stock safely locked up, with them waiting for shipping or sale. Although we’d happily say that this is a fair assumption everyone makes, it just so happens that it’s not a correct one. From a high of 65% in 2009, the storage market remains dominated by household or domestic use by private individuals rather than businesses.

At the moment there are over a quarter of a million users of storage facilities in the UK. The first question many have when presented with that staggering figure is just what are people storing. It’s a question that has a very simple answer – we cannot and will not tell you. Outside of establishing what’s being stored is safe to do so and meets insurance requirements, we provide complete respect for privacy.

We don’t break the seals on your storage container until you instruct us to move it. The seal is added after we fill the unit at your property, ensuring everything is safe and has not been tampered with. This approach has been an important part of us proudly becoming the most trusted providers of premium storage services in Essex.

Whilst we’d never betray the confidence of our clients in discussing any specific storage work, we can of course talk in general about domestic requirements. One of the more frequent reasons people opt for this kind of service is when they are moving home and there’s a bit of a gap between leaving the old one and moving into the new.

In other cases, it could be that people need to move some or all of their possessions whilst renovation or redecoration work gets carried out. Whatever the reason for needing safe, secure and private storage, we can be counted on to provide it. More importantly we do so for as little or as long as it is required.

If you’re exploring the possibilities open to you for arranging premium storage in Essex, we hope the above gives a clear indication of our ability to give you what you want and need. Our commitment is to give you a comprehensive, world class level of service for the best value.