When a business moves to new premises, creates a new layout for an existing site, or ceases trading altogether it may be necessary to move heavy machinery. Accomplishing this can be tricky, especially in the confines of a building. Professional support is needed if you want to protect the item and maximise safety.

TFM has a lot of experience, marking us as one of the best providers of machinery removals Essex has to offer. We have the skills and resources to take on a wide variety of projects, ensuring all items are in the safest hands.

Before a piece of machinery can be removed, regardless of the size, it needs to be properly disconnected from utilities. This is important to ensure it is not still connected to power, water, gas, and even air lines. Moving an item that is still connected is unsafe for a number of reasons so it needs to be avoided at all costs.

Once the machine is disconnected it may be necessary to wrap and pack it to make it safe to move. Our team can do that, utilising the right packing materials to maximise protection. We also have our own high quality containers for transportation. This means that each item that fits is kept covered and safely secured in place throughout the journey.

We can take on removals over almost any kind of distance, whether it is in the local area, across the UK, or overseas to Europe. Our experience serves us well here, as does the fact that we have our own secure storage facility. If the machinery needs to be held for a period before delivery we can arrange that for you.

Clients of all shapes and sizes can come to us for a first rate service. Over the years we have worked with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), national and multinational companies, and individuals who have machinery for their own personal workshops. We can arrange a removal service tailored to each and every one of them.

For more information about why we are the best for machinery removals Essex has to offer, please get in touch.