Moving to a new address in your local area may seem easier than travelling a long distance but you’ll still have the same issues to worry about, most notably how you can move all of your possessions safely and efficiently. Calling on experienced removal specialists working in the area can provide some fantastic benefits in this regard, including delivering a fast, reliable service that can save you time and money.

Even with a local move it is still very important the vehicle is large enough to hold all of your belongings. Carrying out the removal in a few trips between each address as usually not possible. The reason being, you’ll need to have your home totally empty by lunchtime, when the completion of sale happens. The problem with doing multiple trips is you won’t usually have anywhere to put anything until the afternoon, when the completion of sale happens on your new property.

This means even if you’re only moving ‘round the corner’ your whole home will have to be loaded by lunchtime, and then unloaded in the afternoon. After almost 30 years of carrying out local removals, we’re very used to this at TFM, and our fleet of vehicles makes it possible.

At TFM Removals we offer flexible services for clients across Chelmsford, working with people moving within the local area or outside of it. In every case we strive to offer the most efficient, cost effective service possible. Our reputation is built on this and our ability to satisfy a very wide array of requirements. We can move practically anything, including large bulky items that need to be handled with the utmost care.

With our service you have a removals team on hand who will do everything for you, from packing to unloading. This means you can spend your time getting everything ready at your new address rather than focusing on moving individual things. Our team have a lot of experience and will ensure they take very good care of items.

If you are looking to save the maximum time with your move our service is perfect for you. Our estimator will determine how much space you need to transport all of your goods. This will help us to ensure we bring a vehicle to the property that has enough capacity for your items. This helps us to deliver a clear, effective estimate for the cost.