Removal companies can differ in a number of ways. The one that will make them stand out the most is potentially the type of vehicles they use. After-all these are highly visual, especially if they are branded. It is important to work with a company that will use the right kind of vehicle. Ideally you want to be able to make the move in as few trips as possible; this will save on costs and time. Achieving this consistently has helped us to become one of the leading names for removals Chelmsford based clients can call on.

At TFM we help clients to completely avoid having to worry about choosing the correct vehicle. When you meet one of our estimators they will look at how many items you need to move and determine how much space will be needed. That way we can effectively determine the vehicle that will be required.

With our service you should be able to complete every move in a single trip unless you specifically want the job to be done in multiple trips. We are immensely flexible and can make arrangements to suit any requirement, including arranging services for specific large items like cars or pianos. If these need to be moved as part of your relocation we can do it for you.

We have a selection of vehicles to choose from, including shipping/storage containers. When we arrange a service we take responsibility for the choices that are made. This means that if we underestimate the space that is needed we will provide a solution with no cost to the client. We are happy to offer this kind of guarantee because we know our estimators are highly trained and will choose vehicles effectively.

Whatever kind of removal service you need we are confident it will be within our power to provide it. Please get in touch today to discuss your move and arrange an appointment with an estimator. They will get started planning the job and give you a clear estimate based entirely on what kind of service you need.

TFM is a trustworthy name and has a commitment to supporting clients. If you want a service from the best name for removals Chelmsford has, please contact us.