Leave clothing hung up with garment carriers

Moving clothing with you to a new home is trickier than many people think, we have learned that all too well in our long years of providing removals Chelmsford. The job becomes the most challenging when it comes to those items that need to stay hung up. The last thing you want to do is have to lie garments flat and run the risk of creasing and soiling them. This could result in a lot of dry cleaning costs and additional work on your part. Fortunately we have an easier solution; leave them hung up through the whole move.

The professional garment carriers we use are made from sturdy cardboard and come with a metal railing so you can hang items safely. The box will protect them from dirt throughout the move until you are ready to place them back in wardrobes or cupboards. The carriers are so good that many people even use them when they are putting clothing into storage for a longer period of time.

For ease of handling each garment carrier comes with cut out handles. With these everything can remain upright and there is very minimal risk that any garment will fall free of the railing. Our team will handle each box with care and ensure it is placed correctly in the removal vehicle, keeping it safely away from anything that could cause damage.

When you use garment carriers it is wise to label them so you know where they belong in your new home. This can save time when it comes to unloading and means the items don’t need to be moved around as much when they arrive.

A final tip we offer is to never overload the carriers. Although items can be transferred directly from wardrobes to a carrier you should keep in mind the difference in strength and how many garments they can feasibly hold. Overfilling runs the risk of damaging the box and the contents so it should be avoided. Luckily we can effectively estimate how many you will need to keep everything safe and in great condition.

If you are making a move and want to work with the number one for removals Chelmsford we are the company for you. Whether you are moving a short or long distance we can help.