Kitchen Storage Ideas for Homeowners

Did you know that organising and tidying the kitchen can be a great way of keeping your mind happy? A messy environment gives our eyes and brain too much information to process in one go, leaving us feeling stressed and distracted. As such, a simple decluttering should mean a whole lot of destressing.

If you need any more persuading, it’s also been proven that a tidy kitchen can save you money. Having all your ingredients and utensils organised and easy-to-access will save you losing anything and spending money replacing things you already own.

Convinced? Here are some great kitchen storage ideas to get you started.

Organise your cutlery

Cutlery drawers can be a cluttered nightmare if not sorted out properly. Drawer inserts and dividers are an absolute must – but so is making sure everyone uses them properly!

Hide those bins

With recycling, food bins and regular bins now all being used in most homes, kitchens can become a bit crammed. Invest in a door-hung or built-in bin system that can be hidden inside a cupboard to keep things looking neat.

Use up wall space

There are plenty of inventive ways to make use of kitchen wall space such as hanging pots and pans, attaching drainers to the wall beside a sink to stack plates vertically, or installing a magnetised strip for storing knives instead of keeping them in a space-wasting block.

Make the most of corner space

Unless you have a very modern kitchen, there’s a chance you’re not maximising all those cavernous cupboard corners. Adding in a pull-out spice rack, revolving shelves or carousel corner cabinets will help you make the most of this oft-unused space, as well as preventing anything from disappearing into the corners forever.

Kitchen corner cupboards

Brighten up your shelves

Talking of wall space, open shelves don’t need to look messy and cluttered either. Buying some inexpensive coloured or patterned crockery can turn open shelves into a little art display, while painting or wallpapering the space behind an open shelf can brighten it up and turn it into a feature.

Maximise the middle

Wall space isn’t the only space that can be wasted. If you have a lot of unused space in the middle of your kitchen, an island might be the perfect solution. As well as providing a stylish space to sit and eat, most islands and breakfast bars come with plenty of built-in storage.

Utilise the utility room

If you only use your utility room for appliances and ironing boards, consider recommissioning it as a pantry. Lots of our ingredients don’t need to be stored in a fridge, and moving them into the pantry can free up lots of space in the kitchen.

Sort out the under-sink

Much like our cabinet corners, the space under our sinks is often a wasteland of old cleaning products. Instead, try installing some low-cost drawers into the space to maximise the space and keep cleaning products organised and at hand.

Put some rollers in

Bin bags, rolls of cleaning cloth and loose kitchen towel can all make a kitchen look messy. Consider installing some rollers into the walls of your cupboards to keep rolls neat, tidy and out of the way.

When in doubt, mason jar

One doesn’t need to be an interior designer to buy into the mason jar craze. If you don’t have a big budget or a lot of space, mason jars can be used to make even the smallest kitchens look chic and tidy. From storing ingredients to holding utensils, using mason jars across the kitchen will help the space look unified, fashionable and tidy at the same time.

Of course, sometimes we just have more possessions than we could possibly organise. If this sounds familiar, give us a call today to see how our storage options could help you clear out clutter and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.