How do you move out of a high rise?

There are a number of great advantages to be enjoyed when living in an upper floor flat. For many they give an added sense of security, and they can offer sensational views of the surrounding area. However, when it comes to moving house, they can pose a real challenge. Many people are reluctant to move out of their upper-floor flat due to the sheer hassle of moving all their possessions and furniture out.

Living in a flat can often seem like a case of the proverbial ship in a bottle – you wonder exactly how so many items got there in the first place. We can provide the answer to this quandary. With our professional removals service to Ireland and throughout the UK, we’ll make sure that your move is as simple and stress free as possible, whether you’re living on the ground floor or in the penthouse.

We regularly carry out removals on challenging properties and are always ready to find the best solution. In the past we have lowered large items out of upper floor windows, disassembled large pieces of furniture so they can be removed piece by piece, and overcome all sorts of access issues. The flexibility of our service has ensured our continuing outstanding reputation. Whatever your needs may be, we’re happy to work with you and provide as much or as little help as you need throughout every step of your move.

Moving out of a high rise flat is a tough challenge, even when the block has features such as a service elevator. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be looking for the best professionals to take care of the work for you. We can call on our many years of experience in successfully moving people from flats to perfectly plan the best way to get all of your belongings and furniture out safely and efficiently. Leave it to us to work out the right strategy for your particular move.