We’re one of the longest serving providers of premium storage Essex has. In this respect we know that being the oldest doesn’t necessarily make you the best, but in fairness you know that a business doesn’t last a long length of time if they’re not very good at what they do. If our services didn’t give people what they wanted then there’s no way that we’d still be around offering them now, over a quarter of a century after we first started.

The most appreciated part of our service is the one we’d suggest is the easiest and most straightforward – we are honest and transparent with you, our highly valued customers. We hate hidden costs as much as anyone else does, and so there’s always been absolutely no way we’d be guilty of using them. Our estimates include collection, packing materials, storage, and the eventual delivery. This gives you a clear cut bill, with no worrying about what costs might be getting run up.

That probably sounds a bit too good to be true to you, doesn’t it? Well, we can assure you that there are no clauses or costs tucked away. Our estimator will visit you and quote you the price you’ll need to pay. In the unlikely event of our estimates team making a mistake it’s not something you need to worry about – if we get the bill wrong then that’s our fault and we won’t expect you to pay the extra.

Our estimates for storage in Essex are designed to cover all the costs. In this respect we include the costs of insurance during removal, storage and delivery, as well as all packaging materials and supplies. The clear cut quote we give you shows the one and only price you will need to pay to completely cover storage, leaving you to plan and budget around it.

It has always been our pleasure to be of service to the community in Essex with our storage facilities. We’re proud to be a part of the area, and show our respect for this with a world class service set at honest and fair prices.