TFM Talks: Man with a Van vs. Hiring a Van

It can be tempting to hire a van and go it alone when it comes to moving day. It seems like a more affordable option and you have the freedom to move when you want, right?

While that may be true, lots of people think hiring a van is a good idea until they find themselves behind the wheel of an intimidating high top transit van or struggling down the stairs with that baby grand piano…

In some situations, it makes more sense to hire a man with a van instead. But there’s a huge difference between hiring a stranger off social media and hiring an experienced and insured professional.

Here’s why, when it comes to moving your important possessions, you want to go with a pro:

Why You Should Hire a Man With a Van

  • Avoid the stress of van driving — Van driving can be tricky if you’re not used to it. You’ll have height and width restrictions to think about and you’ll need to know how to manoeuvre without a rearview mirror. Hire companies can also be meticulous about checking for damage. You’ll need to be extra careful when loading and unloading your belongings to guard against any scratching or denting — which can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful day.
  • Spare yourself the heavy lifting — It can be easy to underestimate how tiring moving can be, even if you’ve only got a small move to contend with. A man with a van will be trained in how to safely lift and load boxes and heavy goods — and could save you from doing damage to your belongings and yourself.
  • Save time — A man with a van service might cost a bit more than just hiring a van yourself, but it can save you endless time. Hiring a man with a van will free you up on moving day, which can be especially invaluable if you’re busy with work or you’ve got kids or pets that you need to look after.

Why You Should Hire a TFM Man With a Van

  • The benefit of experience (and insurance) — When you hire a freelancer with a van, you’re not always guaranteed that they have the experience to keep your possessions safe. Freelancers aren’t always insured either, so – if they do mess up – it’s you that pays the price. Our van drivers are all experienced, fully-insured movers with the testimonials to prove it. 
  • A fully-equipped service — All of our Luton vans are fully-equipped with blankets, ties, and garment rails, so you don’t need to spend additional money on supplies and you know your belongings are safe and secure. We can even supply all of your packing materials, making us a one-stop shop for everything you need on moving day.
  • We’re cost-effective Our man-with-a-van service has an hourly rate and a minimum hire time of just one hour. That means we can be more cost-effective than a self-hire service, which usually has minimum half-day or full-day hire fees.
  • Reliable porter service — Struggle with heavy lifting? A freelance man-with-a-van might not be prepared or capable of doing all of the moving for you. Choose our additional porter option instead for extra assistance with moving and loading.

When it comes to your treasured possessions, you need to choose the safest of hands. TFM can cover every aspect of your move, from packing and organising to moving and unpacking on the other side.

Unlike a lot of social media cowboys, we guarantee an efficient, experienced, and fully-insured service that does all the heavy lifting for you — leaving you free to relax and enjoy all the excitement of moving day (and none of the stress).

Check out our Man with a Van page for more information or get in touch to book your stress-free move today.