Moving to a new home is always an exciting prospect, especially when you’re moving a long distance to a completely new location. Many people use the time before they move to get rid of all the unnecessary items they accumulated in their previous home. This doesn’t only give you the chance to start with a clear head in your new home, it can also make your move a lot simpler and more pleasant if you’re not using up time and energy packing and unpacking items you no longer really want or need.

If you’re planning a move, here are some of our tips for effective decluttering. Whether you’re downsizing or simply want to start afresh in your new home, these tips will hopefully help you on your way.

– You could potentially make a significant amount of money from your old possessions. Car boot sales, eBay and Gumtree offer a great way to make a profit from your unwanted items, giving you more money to spend on your new home.

– During the decluttering process, make four piles labelled Keep, Donate, Sell and Throw Away. This will help you to stay organised and clearly see what needs to be done with each item.

– Get rid of the items you have too many versions of. If you have twenty coffee cups and there’s only two people living in the house, it’s time to get rid of most of them.

– If you’re unsure about whether or not to keep an item, think about the following questions and answer them honestly. Have you used it in the past six months? Are you likely to need it in the next six months? Does this piece of clothing fit me, and do I feel comfortable in it? If the answer is no, you don’t need it.

– Sentimental items can pose a challenge when you’re decluttering. Of course your special family photographs are important, but you don’t need to keep every single photo or souvenir from that long-ago holiday – be selective and just keep the ones you really love. You can also scan your old photographs or take digital photos of special items before donating or selling them; by keeping the images on your computer or a hard drive, you can still enjoy them without having them take up valuable space in your home.