Sofas come in a wide array of shapes, styles and materials. In the vast majority of cases people purchase them without ever thinking about what will happen if they decide to move to a new property in the future and need to relocate them. This can present a number of issues, especially as sofas tend to be wider than doorways. Instead of trying to wiggle and push the sofa out yourself, running the risk of damaging it in the process, it is better to ask for help from experienced professionals like our team at TFM Removals.

Before we begin moving a sofa we survey it carefully to get an idea of the length, width, and the height of the back. We can then take measurements of the doorways and corridors to get an idea of how tricky the move will be and which route out of the property will be taken.

Whilst inspecting the sofa it is good to check if it can be disassembled in any way, particularly in terms of removing the arms. If it is possible it will make it much easier to remove it from the property, even if it takes more time to disassemble and put it back together at your new address.

Another thing that should be done before moving the sofa is to wrap it with specialist sofa covers. This will protect the materials, whether it is fabric or leather. If the sofa has a wooden framed it may be best to use additional wrapping and blankets to protect the material from scratches.

At TFM Removals we have the skills to relocate all kinds of sofas. We can provide a service to suit all kinds of requirements, even providing a solution if the entryway to the property is too narrow. In these cases we can carefully remove doors to create additional space or take the sofa out via the window or over balconies. We have all the necessary lifting equipment and the experience to complete the job and protect the item in the process.

If you are moving from a home or office in Chelmsford removals don’t come any better than the services we provide. Please get in touch with us to find out more. Your sofa and other possessions are all safe in our hands.