Established in 1992, our specialist company has worked tirelessly throughout the years to earn its reputation for excellence and customer service. Naturally, people want assurances that their belongings will be kept safe during storage and this is something that we can give to them. After we’ve placed your items inside a container, not only will you witness it being sealed, but it shall remain that way until you ask for everything back.

If you’re paying office rent rates purely because items are taking up unnecessary space, or are planning to move premises, then it may be time to ask for the help of our premium storage service. We will bring the container to you, fill it and take it away to our site to be stored until you decide you want the contents delivered. You can then enjoy the additional space or complete your move to new premises with little fuss.

Our premium storage service is incredibly convenient and can help to dramatically speed up an office clearance and move. The items, whether it is furniture, papers, or even electronics, will be packed with care and loaded directly into the container when they leave the property. This means everything spends as little time as possible outside and remains protected at all times. It also removes delays.

As mentioned previously once the container is filled and all items are safely loaded we will seal it. This ensures the security of the items because the seals will still be in place and intact when delivery is arranged in the future. Items are only ever handled twice with our service; during loading and delivery.  This ensures that they remain in the same condition as when they were packed up.

At TFM Removals, our dedicated containers are vermin-proof, fire resistant, clean and fully insured. Clients from across Chelmsford can come to us for a first rate service and a quick solution for all of their office storage needs. We deliver offer fantastic prices and can adjust to satisfy all kinds of requirements.