Don’t let glitches cause costly delays during removals

A number of different glitches can arise when you come to moving to a new home. Everything from finding you don’t have enough packing materials to lacking the help you need to move the largest pieces of furniture and appliances can cause big delays. Each could prove to be very costly.

99% of removals have a strict deadline to adhere to, it will almost always involve either a completion of sale half way through the day or a tenancy agreement ending. This will give a limited time scale to load everything up at the old house and move into the new home. A timescale that can’t be broken, this is why you’ll want the removals service to go without a hitch. This is what we work so hard to ensure occurs. Our team at TFM are highly trained and we plan the entire move with great care to ensure we know exactly what we need to do.

The planning begins with a meeting with one of our estimators. We urge clients to provide as much information as possible during this period, including details of the moving date, the timeframe, and discussing the items that need moving. The estimator will look at them and take into account any issues such as access that could slow down the move. All of this knowledge helps us to create the best service.

Larger, specialist items can prove to be the most challenging to move and are therefore generally the cause of the biggest delays. Fortunately we have experience of moving everything from pianos to cars and provide the same high level of service. As a result you don’t need to call in anybody else to handle these items. We can account for them in the plan and make arrangements to relocate them at the same time as everything else.

In the last 25 years we have encountered and overcome every kind of glitch you can imagine in terms of removals, including a few you would be surprised by. In each case though we plan the best way to resolve the problem and deliver the kind of service our clients require. This has made us a leader for Chelmsford removals and one of the highest regarded companies in the area.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.