One of the most stressful parts of removals and moving to a new property, whether it is a home, an office, or a shop, is thinking you’ve left things behind. It’s likely you’ll have this thought at least once, particularly until you can get everything unpacked and in its new place.

There is one big thing you can do to reduce the stress of thinking things have been left behind. By hiring a professional removals company who will ensure all of your possessions are packed safely and moved with care you can ensure nothing is forgotten. You’ll get great peace of mind and be able to focus on other aspects of the move that need your attention.

At TFM Removals our services are designed to be stress-free and professional at all times. We always prioritise customer care and ensure they are completely satisfied. The fact that one of our estimators takes a look at your possessions when preparing a quote means that we are instantly focused on making sure everything is packed and moved correctly, with nothing left behind or misplaced.

There are two main reasons why items typically get lost during removals. Firstly, people tend to rush packing when they do it themselves and forget where things are. This makes it much easier for things to be misplaced. On top of this there can be issues with loading that can leave items placed here, there and everywhere.

By working with our team both of the above are not concerns. We will handle the packing for you and keep track of where items are. On every removal we undertake our team will check thoroughly around the house with you after loading, to check everything has been packed and loaded to our lorry. We will have determined how much time and manpower we need during the estimation stage so there will be no rushing around.

At your new home the lorry is carefully unloaded and all our blankets and materials are neatly folded away in stacks, we then walk around the lorry with the customer to ensure nothing has been left on-board by accident.

Thanks to this meticulous service our customers can have total peace of mind that nothing has been left behind, all your possessions are now safely in your new home.

The care and attention we take with each service is the reason we are one of the highest rated company for removals Chelmsford has. If you would like to discuss your move with us or want to arrange for an estimator to visit your property to deliver an accurate quote please contact us.