Safes are designed to keep the items stored inside in great condition, protecting them from damage as well as theft. This means that each one, regardless of the size, will be durable and sturdy and very heavy! Longevity is vital for a safe when it is in use and it is not surprising to see models last for generations.

Unfortunately the same durability and weight becomes a hindrance when a safe needs to be disposed of, creating issues because it will not break down naturally. As a result specialist disposal is required to prevent damage to the environment. Safes should not find their way to landfill because they will sit for many, many years and cause problems.

When opting for a safe disposal service you should ensure the provider you choose to work with will be able to handle the large and heavy item without hurting anybody or damaging your property and then be able to dispose of it in the correct manner. What you want is a company that will ensure safes are either put to new use or sent to a site where they will be broken down so the materials can be recycled. Both options are better for the environment.

At TFM Removals we have the skills and experience to tackle any safe moving and disposal requirements. Our team will ensure the item is moved with the utmost care, finding the safest and most efficient way to remove it from the building. It will then be transported away safely to be disposed of. We will do all we can to make sure this is done correctly, protecting the environment in the process.

To maximise quality and ensure we deliver a service with real value we plan every aspect carefully. As a result we have built a fantastic reputation amongst our clients. Many of them come to us with uncertainties and reservations about moving a safe and disposing of it but we quickly put them at ease and provide the perfect solution.

If you find yourself in need of a reliable safe disposal service in Essex don’t hesitate to contact us.