Organising a move can be very stressful and there are potential pitfalls to consider, from realising you haven’t got enough packing materials to discovering you need help to relocate heavy items. You could also start loading a vehicle only to find you don’t have as much space as you needed and therefore need to make multiple trips. Luckily, you can avoid all of the stress and hassle by contacting our team at TFM Removals.

As one of the premier removal companies in Chelmsford, our service has been carefully designed to ensure we offer the highest standards to each client and meet their needs effectively. To achieve this we dispatch a well trained, fully qualified estimator to visit your property when you ask us for a quote. They will take a look at your property and the volume of possessions you need to move to help decide exactly what services you need. We will discuss our recommendations with you, going over what size vehicle we feel you need, how many people will be required to do the loading and unloading, and how many packing materials will be needed.

The biggest advantage of choosing our service is our transparency. When you look at our quote you’ll be able to clearly see how we arrived at the total thanks to the full breakdown of the costs. We understand how stressful moving can be and want to ensure that the bill is not something our clients will be worrying about at the end of the day.

Our service also helps to ensure we get everything right the first time. By looking at your property we can gauge how many items you need to move, determine which will cause problems and devise a suitable solution. This will help to improve the accuracy of the service and will reduce the risk of disruptions.

TFM Removals has served Essex and the surrounding areas for several years, building a fantastic reputation in the process. We take pride in our work and understand how important it is to maintain our standards. We are happy to report that our approach has earned us countless happy customers and made us the company of choice for many clients in our local area.