One of the most challenging aspects of moving to a new home is removing all of the furnishings. This can present several problems, especially if they have been put together inside the property with no thought on what you will do if they ever need to be removed. In many cases you could be left facing the challenge of having to dismantle pieces of furniture so you can get them out of the building.

At TFM Removals we offer a flexible service for removals and storage in Benfleet and the UK to suit any requirements. Our twenty plus years of experience in the industry have seen us face all kinds of problems, from handling bulky furnishings to navigating tight doorways. In all cases we find the right solution for the job and get your possessions moved as quickly and safely as we can. We also take care to protect the fabric of properties during removals.

A big part of our service is our ability to dismantle furnishings when necessary. We are skilled at this job and always take care to ensure that each piece of furniture isn’t damaged when it is dismantled. Once items are a suitable size to be removed, we pack them safely and ensure that all pieces are present and accounted for. We then load everything and transport it for you. When it arrives at your new address we will unload and put the furniture back together before positioning it exactly where you want it. The price of all of this is included in our estimate so you don’t have any hidden costs to worry about.

As well as dismantling pieces of furniture, we can also provide specialist equipment for items that have no choice but to be removed via a window. In these cases safety is essential and we will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have hoists, crane lorries and experienced people to operate them so you can expect a fast, reliable removal even with the most difficult items.

If you’re concerned about removing your furnishings and transporting them safely we can help. We will provide a comprehensive service for you and ensure your needs are met. When it comes to removals and storage in Benfleet and beyond, we are the specialist you can put your complete faith in.