There are many occasions when people find themselves in need of a little extra short term storage space. They may be moving to a new home and need to temporarily store possessions while they make arrangements. Alternatively they may have bought new furniture or appliances and need to store the old ones until they can be disposed of. In each case the three most important things to consider are cost, quality, and flexibility.

At TFM Removals we have become the number one for storage Essex because we understand the above. We can adapt to suit the diverse requirements of our clients whilst also delivering high quality, cost effective solutions. Our containers are secure and kept in great condition. Our yard is also secured so you can have great confidence.

Cost can be one of the main things that deter people from choosing storage, particularly when the need is only short term. The biggest issue is being charged for time they don’t need and risks of hidden fees. We avoid both of these by clearly stating our fees and only charging by the day for the time you need items stored. When we give you a quote that will be all you need to pay.

Flexibility is where we really stand out from other providers though. We physically bring containers to our clients rather than having them come to us. In addition we do all of the filling and packing, taking responsibility for protecting and correctly handling everything. This gives you great assurances and protection against damages.

We are flexible in terms of the length of time you need storage for too. We cater for every requirement, from just a handful of days to weeks, months, and even longer if necessary. When you need items delivered we will arrange it for you, providing a suitable time and date.

The great services we offer and cost effective pricing has made us the leading provider of short term storage Essex has. If you want to find out more please get in touch. Remember we can cater for all kinds of special requirements; whatever you need to store we are confident we can provide the right service.