There are plenty of different things that could go wrong when it comes to moving a piece of machinery. To overcome them and ensure the move is carried out safely and effectively it is wise to call on an experienced team from the very start. You can do just that at TFM. We are the most reliable name for machinery removals Essex clients can call on.

When you work with us we will be on hand the whole way, from the initial plan for the move to final placement. Our service is truly comprehensive; we can even arrange secure storage at our site if the machinery is not being re-installed in a new building right away. The containers we use are kept in great condition and will protect the machinery for as long as it needs to be stored.

There are three big advantages to dealing with us. Firstly we offer unparalleled professionalism. Our team are very highly trained and always strive to achieve the highest standards. This translates to great customer service and reliable solutions.

The second advantage is convenience. The fact we can help throughout the whole service means you don’t need to deal with anyone else, whether it is for removal, transportation, or storage. This makes organising much easier and also ensures there is no risk of the level of service dropping.

The third benefit is we offer clear, transparent prices for every single job. The fact we can take on the project from the very beginning means we can base our price on the specifics of the client’s needs. The end result is a much more accurate quote and no hidden fees.

Machinery removals can be very challenging but we are confident we have the skills to carry each of them out. The items are in safe hands with our team; we will always work hard to preserve them and provide insurance as standard so any accidents are covered.

If you need to arrange a service please contact us. We are confident you will see right away why we are the most established provider of machinery removals Essex has.