What are the most common mistakes with household removals?

Over the years we have had the honour to help many people move to a new home, satisfying their individual needs in the process. With every project we love having the chance to expand our skills and put our wealth of knowledge and experience to work. The quality services we offer have helped us to become the most accomplished provider of household removals Chelmsford has.

Many people assume that moving will be straightforward but sadly it rarely is and there are plenty of mistakes you can make. We have seen the results of them first hand, from incorrect packing to not consulting professionals early. Here are just a few to avoid.

Leaving packing until the last minute

The later packing is left the more stressful it becomes and the higher the risk of damaged or lost items. It is best to contact a professional removals provider early, have them arrange all of the packing materials, and pack everything for you than rushing around to do it yourself.

Lack of scheduling for the actual removal

A clear schedule will help the move to go smoothly. Everything should be planned in advance with the removal company rather than leaving it until last minute. On moving day you should know what time they will arrive, how long loading is expected to take, and how much time will be needed to relocate everything and get the vehicle unloaded.

DIY with no professional assistance

Working with a professional removal company provides great value for money, whether you choose an end to end service or involve them in a much smaller way. They will provide all kinds of help and ensure you avoid a lot of mistakes.

Not communicating with the removal team

When you are planning a move your needs can change several times. You should keep lines of communication open with the removals provider, letting them know if you have made any changes that affect the service they are providing. It is always wise to keep them informed and build a strong relationship.

TFM are the most reliable provider of household removals Chelmsford has because we help clients avoid mistakes and give them the exact service they need. From start to finish we maximise professionalism and deliver the best possible value. If you are planning a move get in touch with us to start planning.