Moving to a new home can be a very big project. Luckily you can hire a removals specialist to help, lessening the workload considerably. They can take on the packing, removal of all items, loading of the vehicle, transportation, and the unloading at the final destination.

When you hire a removals provider you want to ensure you get the very best level of service and a great price. Simply calling companies for quotes over the phone may not be the best course of action. It can be tricky to offer an accurate quote and get a good idea of the kind of service you need without having a look at your property. This means the quotations you receive over the phone or even online may not be reliable.

At TFM Removals we are committed to accuracy and work hard to ensure that every single quote we deliver reflects the services the client needs. To achieve this we have highly experienced estimators on our team. They visit clients personally so they can have a look at the scale of the job.

Our approach offers a number of benefits including allowing the estimator to determine what packing materials are needed and how many, what type of vehicle is required, and how many people the job will require. Ultimately it means we can offer an accurate quote and ensure we can deliver the right service.

Clients really appreciate our commitments to accuracy, quality and value for money. They have helped us to build a fantastic reputation and become one of the leading removals providers in Chelmsford. The fact that clients can ask the estimator questions when they visit provides additional comfort and assurances they are dealing with dedicated professionals.

If you are planning a move, whether it is in the local area or further afield, you can call on us for a fantastic service. We are always happy to help and do all we can to take the stress away from the project. You can put your faith in us to remove your items safely and relocate them effectively.