Carefully planning the removal of large, heavy possessions

Typically the most challenging and time consuming part of a removal is dealing with large furnishings and bulky items. These are the possessions that can require multiple people to carry and create issues such as navigating doorways, tight corners, and steps or stairs. It is vital they are moved and handled properly, ensuring no damage is done to the items, the fabric of the building, or the removal technicians.

At TFM Removals we are very aware of the above and have the skills to move all kinds of large, bulky items safely. Our approach to planning services, including dispatching an estimator to deliver an accurate quote, serves us very well here. The fact we have already viewed the property and possessions means we can provide the right service the first time, reducing the risk of lost time and higher costs.

Most importantly, our planning ensures that we provide enough people and the correct equipment to accomplish the removal. As a result we can complete the job safely within the specified timeframe. It also means we have everything we need with us, whether it is lifting equipment or a ramp to make loading easier.

A major advantage of our service is the fact that we pack everything safely for you. This means that all smaller items can be safely packed away before we come to the large ones. When we do, these are also protected by using wrapping and blankets where necessary to ensure they are not damaged.

Our team are committed to offering the highest quality services every single time. We will handle each item with care, treating it with the respect you would expect from a long standing removals company with an outstanding reputation.

If you are planning a move in Chelmsford and want to work with true professionals please contact TFM Removals. We will deliver the right service for you, offering great value for money in the process and ensuring you are completely satisfied.