Safes vary in shape and size to cater for the needs of the users, whether they need to store valuables, sensitive documents or other items. There are also several distinct types you can encounter including fire proof and heavy duty, high security ones. Each will serve their purpose effectively and give you great peace of mind.

As secure as the safes are they can present difficulties in the future, particularly when it comes to removing them from a property. When installing them many people don’t consider the problems it will cause further down the line if the safe has to be removed. This can lead to big problems including a risk of injury and potential damage to the fabric of the building. Fortunately TFM Removals can provide a reliable solution.

We are well versed at safe removals, offering services for clients all across Essex. Our team have the skills to accomplish any kind of job, regardless of the size and weight of the safe. Alongside this we have the right resources at our disposal to complete the job. This includes lifting equipment, ramps and suitable vehicles.

Removing safes from upper floors is the most challenging type of project we are called on to tackle. In these cases it is typically unfeasible for the safe to be picked up and carried out of the building manually. As a result we need a more flexible solution. We achieve this by using the right equipment to remove the safe via an accessible window. We take the utmost care with this to maximise safety and ensure the fabric of the building is not damaged.

Every removal is planned with care and risk assessments are conducted to ensure all safety concerns are addressed. As part of this we will determine what kind of lifting equipment is needed to suit the size and weight of the safe. On top of this we ensure a suitable vehicle is brought to the site to take the item away when it is removed from the property.

If you are faced with a tricky removal requirement like this in Essex and want help from a company experienced in safe removals please call on us. We offer a professional service and great value for money.