One of the things our clients love about working with us is that we take the pressure away from them in terms of sourcing packing materials and worrying about which to use. We can supply everything and ensure each item is packed properly. Our team are very highly trained and have a lot of packing experience to call on. This is part of the reason why we are such a highly regarded provider of Chelmsford removals.

It can be surprisingly difficult to determine what type of boxes to use and how to pack different items. One of the most challenging things is working out how to use up all of the space in a box when it comes to packing a heavy item. It is not wise to simply continue filling until there is no space left for items; this could result in overloading and injury when it comes to trying to pick up the box.

The best thing to do in this case is use packing materials such as void filler to take up the extra space. This will ensure the box retains its shape without adding too much to the weight. The filler can even be used to suspend items, keeping them very well protected.

It is surprisingly easy to fall into the overloading trap. One thing we do to avoid it is keep an eye on the weight as we pack. That way we can ensure that boxes are still light enough to carry and not likely to cause injury or collapse under the weight. If a box is getting too heavy we will either separate the items out or take up the additional space with lighter items or filler.

The reason so many clients choose us for removals is we provide an excellent service in every sense. We work to protect all of the items we pack, ensure the removal is completed efficiently, provide incredible prices, and also deliver great customer satisfaction. In addition we look out for our staff, making sure they are safe whenever they offer a service.

If you are moving within Chelmsford removals don’t get better than the services we offer. Whether your new address is local or further afield we have the skills and experience to deliver the best value. Contact us today to plan the best service for you.