Since our formation in the early 90s, we have given our clients a means to complete removals in the most effective and non-destructive ways possible. Over time, we built up our business into a sizable operation, one that guarantees excellent results each time. No matter the size of the project, we will be able to rise up to the challenge. That is why we are number one for removals Chelmsford.

Moving to a new home, office or commercial premises can be a stressful business but they can be made much easier by adopting certain methods. While they may seem obvious, it will come as a surprise when you learn just how many people tend to let them slip their minds.

Organising items when packing so they can be placed where they will be needed in the new property is a great time saving method. It will save you from having to unpack and then organise everything at the new address and means there is less potential for items being misplaced.

Something important to remember when working with fragile objects and valuables is that ink from newspapers can rub off. Where this would be a problem, we instead make use of plain paper and other special packing materials. Additionally, in order to prevent any damages, we label the cartons and boxes that hold the fragile items to remind our team to take extra special care during handling.

You may not think it, but under-filling can be very hazardous also. If something is placed on top, then the under filled carton may collapse due to the void in the box. To avoid this, we distribute everything as equally and make use of packing materials such as void filler when necessary.

At TFM Removals organisation is one of the things that has helped us become number one for removals Chelmsford. Thanks to the estimators on our team we can get an accurate idea of the scale of each job. This will in turn give us the means to plan accordingly so that nothing is overlooked.

If you are planning to move home or offices and are in need of assistance, there’s no one better to call that us.