One of the most important things when removing a safe from a property, whether it will need handheld lifting equipment or larger machines like cranes and hoists, this is essential to keep the weight balanced. If it becomes unbalanced at any time it can result in injury, as well as damage to the property and the safe itself if it is dropped.

To prevent the above it is crucial to be very careful when considering the weight. This can be difficult to determine, particularly with older units installed in walls and floors. We have staff with years of experience in all kinds of safes, so we are usually extremely accurate in our weight estimate. The time when you will know the true weight however, is generally when they are freed and ready to remove from the property. As a result it is always best to err on the side of caution and overestimate rather than underestimate how much the safe will weigh. This also speaks volumes for using an established remover, who will know the weights pretty accurately from the off-set.

Working to minimise the weight of the safe wherever possible will help when it comes to removing it from a property. All contents should be removed and packed separately. This will result in weight savings and also prevents items from moving around and potentially unbalancing the unit while it is being moved. We will also dismantle some vault style safes before the removal, once again to save on weight.

Generally the trickiest safe removals are those where the unit is not located on the ground floor. In these cases it is generally better to tackle the job by removing it via a window using a crane or lift shaft with help from block and tackle hoist. That way removal technicians don’t need to struggle carrying it down several flights of stairs. Safes won’t usually be transported in lifts unless we can be absolutely certain that the weight does not exceed the capacity.

At TFM Removals we can plan the perfect service to deal with safes of every size. We have great resources to call on, including our experienced planners, lifting equipment, and suitable vehicles to transport each safe to its new destination.

The reason we are number one for safe removals Essex clients can call on is we can find a solution even when other companies can’t. We use our extensive experience and ingenuity to remove the safes and take them away safely and effectively.