One thing you are always advised when it comes to moving items is to make sure you have control of the weight, making sure that the load is not controlling you. This is vital for two reasons; when you are in control you will be much safer and the things you move are less likely to get damaged. We keep this philosophy in mind on every removals service we provide in and around Chelmsford.

When many people pack themselves they fail to keep the total weight of boxes in mind; instead they focus on how much they can fit in them. Whilst it is true that every box has to be full to the top, it can create problems if heavy items are in the larger boxes. An overweight box can be very difficult to move, even resulting in injury if the weight gets away from you.

At TFM Removals we understand the ins and outs of packing and use the knowledge we have gained to ensure every single job we take on progresses smoothly. We make sure we utilise the right cartons, employing materials we have complete faith in. We can do this because we provide them ourselves, purchasing from reliable suppliers.

When packing we treat all items with care and keep track of what goes in each box. This means we can monitor the weight and ensure that boxes are not overloaded and difficult to move. We do this regardless of the products we are handling, be it books and papers or delicate items.

With our careful approach and commitment to avoiding overloading boxes we can ensure all of your items are moved with minimal risk of damage. To cover for the slight possibility that still exists we offer comprehensive insurance coverage on every single removal, including the price in our single fee.

If you want a comprehensive removals service from a locally based specialist in Chelmsford please contact us. We vow that your possessions are handled with the exact same care they would be if they were our own. Our commitment to proper packing ensures a smooth service too so we can meet your deadlines.