When you move to a new property the one thing you want above all else is to ensure that all of your possessions are moved with absolute care. Additionally it is important that the fabric of the property you are leaving is not damaged in any way. This is crucial because the cost to repair the damages would likely come out of your pocket.

To avoid damaging the fabric of the building in any way you should seek the help of a professional removals team like us. We will plan the removal with the utmost care, ensuring that items are wrapped and moved safely. When it comes to large items that will prove tricky to navigate through doorways and corridors, we will look at dismantling or removing via a window. This will protect both the property and the item itself.

There are many different ways the fabric of the property could be damaged. An item banging into walls and doorways during removal is the major one but there are many others to be aware of. One in particular is removing items that have been screwed to the walls, including pieces of furniture and picture hooks. Pulling these free can cause big damages if you are not careful.

If we need to unscrew items from walls before they can be removed from a property we will do so very carefully to avoid damages. Whether it is fireplaces or furnishings we handle everything efficiently and put our extensive experience to good use.

For additional peace of mind we provide insurance coverage as standard on each and every job. The cost of this is included in our bill so there are absolutely no hidden extras. You can have complete faith in us.

At TFM Removals we understand all of the concerns that clients have when they are moving to a new property, whether they are travelling a short distance in Chelmsford or further afield. We strive to put their mind to rest with the fact that our service is professional from start to finish. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.