Operating in numerous areas, including Chelmsford, our dedicated team work exceptionally hard to make certain that your property remains in pristine condition when you choose our storage services. Employing the latest models of containers and bringing them directly to you, we ensure everything is stored in a vermin and fire proof setting to protect it. Each container will remain sealed until you request your property to be returned, providing even more security.

Preparation goes a very long way when it comes to storage. Packing items properly, including utilising the right materials is a crucial part of this; it can spell harm for your belongings if steps are not taken to protect them. The first of these steps is to call upon the services of our people to come out and pack everything up professionally.

Every one of us possesses items in the home that require a bit of extra attention. When it comes to packing them up, we look carefully at objects that are fragile and vulnerable. This way we can wrap them up in protective materials and utilise products such as polystyrene void filler to pack them safely. The items are therefore more likely to remain in a great condition.

The placement of objects within the storage container is also a sensitive process. Fortunately, we have the skills and experience to place everything properly, minimising the risk of damage.

At TFM Removals we are well placed to offer a reliable storage service to clients all over Chelmsford. If you trust us to look after your possessions, we promise not to let you down. Whenever you need a premium storage solution we are the provider for you.